Rooted in quality service and expertise, Iron Horse Tools offers an extensive line of testing and assistance to ensure safe and efficient flowback services.



Iron Horse Tools Four Phase Test Separator is used to separate gas, oil and water to a level that permits accurate measurement of each produced phase. Gas is measured using a differential orifice meter - an AGA standard methodology. Liquid measurements are obtained from industry standard turbine flow meters. Optionally, devices such as gas turbines or vertex meters can be incorporated for gas measurement. The test separator is manufactured to the latest ASME vessel pressure codes and power piping standards. For operation in corrosive environments, units can be manufactured to meet NACE requirements. The test separator vessel is equipped with dual pressure safety relief devices. Sufficient valves are available to bypass components or comingle outlet flows as needed.

Product Features

  • Four phase capabilities
  • Enables measurement of single phases of processed well production
  • Certification documentation maintained
  • Incorporates dual relief valves
  • Multiple sampling points throughout the system
  • Incorporates cleanout ports throughout the vessel

Safety Features

  • The principal benefit of indirect heating is that the combustible fluids are heated in a non-combustible fluid and separate from the firetube, in many cases a glycol/water mixture.
  • The fluids are contained in a designed coil bundle composed of multiple passes and paths and have no direct contact with the heat media and provide the necessary heat transfer area to meet the specific conditions required. 
  • Both heat transfer areas and mixture velocities, which vary depending on the composition, pressure and temperature conditions, are key factors in the design of the coil bundle. 
  • The heat supplied by the firetube to the heat media is modulated by temperature measurement in the product stream to ensure the customer specifications are achieved.


Iron Horse provides services in all aspects of flowback equipment, rental and operational, including automated flow and pressure control. We also provide frac, snubbing, coil, well control, wireline and mud displacement assistance.