At Iron Horse Tools, we invest in research, technology and development to manufacture cutting-edge equipment and solutions.


Started in 2008 by oilfield professionals who saw a need for improved pressure controls, Iron Horse Tools opened its first location in Corpus Christi, TX. Since then, it has expanded into seven locations across the country, supplying innovative and efficient equipment to onshore and offshore rigs. With a focus on service, safety and environmental impact, Iron Horse creates revolutionary technology to provide automated processes and performance tools that transform our industry. Our highly-skilled and dedicated team strives to continuously progress in all aspects of the company to provide clients with the best possible equipment, solutions and services.

Responsive Customer Service

One-of-a-Kind Products

Safety Driven

Environmentally Conscience


At Iron Horse Tools, we believe that our business success depends on unwavering standards for the health and safety of our employees and partners. Your well-being is a direct reflection of the quality and integrity of our company, and we take the matter of safety seriously at Iron Horse. From installation onward, Iron Horse Tools is committed to creating a culture of safety and respect for those who work with Iron Horse Tools, and it is our goal to maintain an incident-free environment on every job site. We offer on-the-job training and encourage deliberate and careful judgment in all situations. We pledge an atmosphere of integrity and management that will listen to any safety concerns that you raise, address issues as quickly and efficiently as possible to bring them in line with industry guidelines and provide a work environment free of recognized hazards.


At the core of Iron Horse Tools is a foundation of innovation and excellence. In an ever-changing industry, Iron Horse Tools is committed to evolving and serving as an industry leader to create solutions that reduce environmental impacts and safety risks. By implementing new processes and procedures, we will stay focused on improving the Iron Horse Tools footprint. We will continue to innovate groundbreaking technology and solutions, because our world depends on it.